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Microsoft 365 Email Defence

Complete Microsoft 365 Security with AI-Based Predictive Email Defence

Due to its dominant share of the cloud email market, Microsoft 365 is an irresistible target for cybercriminals. With just one email attack, they can penetrate the entire Microsoft 365 suite along with other corporate systems and data, wreaking significant financial and reputational damage.

The key to protecting your Microsoft 365 environment is by taking a layered security approach. While Microsoft 365’s native security features catch most mass spam waves and known threats, they don’t provide sufficient protection against advanced phishing and spear phishing attacks, as well as unknown, polymorphic malware.

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Native, Fully Integrated Solution for Microsoft 365

Utilising our Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 is the only email filtering solution that is fully integrated into Microsoft 365, offering a native user experience and best-in-class protection powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 blocks advanced attacks from the first email thanks to machine learning models that perform real-time behavioural analysis of the entire email, including any URLs and attachments.

Real-time, Time-of-Click Anti-Phishing

More than 80% of B2B email users do not detect a malicious, phishing, email. Most phishing attacks start by sending an email which assumes the identity of a legitimate company or organisation in order to fool the receiver.

Vade anti-phishing solution combines behavioural analysis in each email to its search engine at the time of the click, ensuring real-time protection against phishing.

Banner-based Anti-Spear Phishing

Vade Secure builds an anonymous profile that establishes normal communication patterns for your employees. Upon detecting anomalies, such as spoofing attempts using cousin domains, a customisable banner is displayed within the email alerting the user.

Behavioural-Based Anti-Malware

Going beyond scanning attachments, algorithms perform comprehensive analysis of the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments to identify unknown, polymorphic malware.

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Avoiding phishing attacks


Almost as soon as email became widely used, crooks and scammers began using it as a means to defraud people.

In today’s world, malicious fake emails continue to be a huge problem for individuals and businesses.

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